How local businesses can use QR codes to market themselves in 2022

QR Code Example, Future of QR Codes

There are multiple ways for companies and local business owners to advertise themselves in the digital age, from social media, to SEO, to branding. When it comes to the printing game, most businesses market themselves like the 1990’s with signs, flyers, mail advertising, and outdated business cards. In fact with modern day business cards showcasing a name or URL most future prospects have to go through the painstaking process of having to search up information about the company or type in the web address by hand. To bring the Future of QR Codes into 2022


However with QR codes makes it much easier!


When it comes to a simple QR code, all you need to do pull out your phone, open up your camera app, zoom in and in an instant you’ll get linked to the company’s website or landing page to gain more information about a company or make a simple transaction for a product or service.

Now that we know how a QR code works, let’s go over how many ways a business can market itself with QR codes.


Car Decals:

Car Decal Example 1
Car Decal Example 2

As good as the branding is on company vehicles decal or wrap. What makes a car decal stand out no matter if its a service company or a food truck is a way to have instant access to company information which can be done easily through the QR code plastered on the design.

Company Clothing:

QR Code Hoodie
QR Rolling Billboard Shirt

One way you can make your company members stand out amongst the crowd is by printing QR codes on company clothing. When your out servicing a client or even traveling between jobs, it is an extra way to make your brand known digitally without much effort.

QR Codes on Business Cards:

QR Business Card Front
QR Business Card Back

With a QR Code, instead of having a future prospect painstakingly search up a web address, social media profile, or type in contact information, instead they can have instant access to either 1 link, or if they’re using a multi link URL, than accessing information and contacting your company can be as simple as pulling out your phone to get everything you need.

In fact with past business cards, it was a guessing game never knowing if a client would trash your business card or actually follow up with you since a lot of people would throw out a business card. If you have a direct link that’s connected to your website then you can simple go onto Google Analytics and figure out how much traffic is coming from the QR code on your business card. To make the marketing Future of QR Codes.

Stickers, and material:

Sticker Example 1
Sticker Example 2
Sticker Example 3

Now no matter if its on the wall, on a piece of signage, or in some material container. There are multiple ways that you can play around with this type of QR code. You can use it to showcase your pricing easily instead of in person or printed on a sign. You can use it to locally advertise your social media account. You can use it as a gorilla marketing tactic to get traffic to your sales page without having to spend an extra dollar on online ads. There are so many approaches with printed QR codes.


QR Codes hitting the restaurant industry actually came pretty last minute in 2020 during the Covid-19 Crisis. Every single restaurant at the time was forced into digitalizing their menu. Interestingly enough QR codes have been effective in the restaurant setting and has educating people on the new aspect on digital indoor dining experience.

As you can see with the examples above that there are so many options to expand your company’s branding with QR codes that allows your customer to have instance access to pricing, information as well as products and services that they can buy on the spot. Its convenient to attract any generation that is tech savvy and wants the quickest method to information or a solution. In the Future of QR Codes, most businesses can use this instead of traditional print advertising in 2022

So if you want to help market your business into the next few years, then make sure you check out our packaging, and contact us below if you have a specific project that you want us to SLAP a QR code on.


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